Making the Unknown Known

Too often, researchers and manufacturers are inhibited by boilerplate testing, murky data, ambling timelines, and demanding written assets.

These challenges can foster uncertainty in the development process, putting products at risk for delayed launches and reduced efficacy. Our biotechnology testing laboratory eradicates this uncertainty by illuminating the unknown and helping manufacturers and researchers step into the light.

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in vitro Surface Testing

Scientific Writing

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What Sets Us Apart

We possess multidisciplinary expertise from an experienced team, proprietary testing techniques, in-depth evaluations, expedited timelines and reduced costs, especially when compared to other labs. We offer our clients comprehensive assistance from R&D to launch with prompt, elucidated testing results and significant savings.

Contact us today for expedited timelines, reduced costs and expert support from research to rollout.

You Will Start with the Right Testing to Accelerate the Whole Process

We do the right testing from the start to then generate the right data to provide an experience-based perspective on how to effectively use that data. Few organizations have been more innovative and integrative than ours in the realms of bioactive, microbiology, and immune response surface testing.

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You Will Spend Less Time and Money in Development

Get clarity throughout research and development to deliver results at lower cost. Swift timelines and minimal spend can be critical to a successful launch, and both of these elements can be achieved with our expertise, processes and technology.

You Will Go to Market Swiftly with Clear Scientific Writing and Support

We transform data directly into publication-ready white papers and FDA-submittable scientific writing to support medical device launches and eliminate time lost getting to market. Our team has completed extensive scientific writing for varied uses in multiple areas and is all too familiar with the demands of scientific journals and the FDA.

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