Immune Response Surface Testing

Specific and Precise Immune Response
Surface Testing

CMDC Labs offers specific and precise immune response surface testing to identify the reactions of the body’s immune system cells and fluids to the presence of a substance or surface which is not recognized as a constituent of the body itself.

The Value of Immune Response Surface Testing

Understanding the foreign body response to a biomaterial is vital for predicting short- and long-term cell/tissue response. Medical device surfaces that contact tissues may initiate an inflammatory and wound-healing response that can be characterized by several different biological responses, including:

  • Protein and platelet adsorption
  • Adhesion and triggering of inflammatory cells, such as:
      T cells
      Natural killer cells
      And others
  • Cytokine release and/or reactive oxygen and nitrogen release
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Inflammatory and wound healing events that occur at a tissue/biomaterial interface upon implantation and the persistence of any type of inflammatory response could directly impact the biocompatibility and function of an implanted device. As such, direct evaluation of biomaterial interaction with blood components should be completed in conjunction with pursuing further cytocompatibility studies.

Our Difference

Characterization of a host’s inflammatory response to a bioactive or bioinert surface can be simulated using in vitro models. At CMDC Labs, we are equipped to fully characterize the human immune response to medical device surfaces in vitro by performing a variety of highly technical protein- and cell-based assays. Additionally, our scientists have developed proprietary competitive assays to quickly assess the immune response in relation to cytocompatibility.

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