Probiotic Product Testing

Production testing of probiotic products has become critical for ensuring manufacturers’ success in this exploding market. The use of probiotics is exponentially expanding in the food and beverage industries as well as the agricultural sector due to their healing and maintenance properties. As a result, consumers are demanding the high quality of their probiotic products via potency and purity. As such, producing data that supports the constitution and viability of their products has become a must for manufacturers.

CMDC Labs’ team of microbiologists and scientists can provide the following probiotic testing services:

Viability Assessment by way of Culture Techniques

Microorganisms in probiotics, such as yeast and bacteria, must be viable and in sufficient quantity to have a clinically beneficial effect. Our analytical methods enable us to identify and quantify species-specific probiotic bacteria and/or yeast in a product. As such, live and active microorganisms or colony-forming units (CFUs) can be confirmed and quantified per dose.

Label Claim Confirmation by way of Species Verification

Probiotic products can be authenticated and qualified by microbiological and genetic analysis, verifying both the quantity and identity of the included probiotic microorganisms within the product. Analysis of pure-strain and multi-strain probiotics can be certified for the purpose of label claims or authentication of supplier. CMDC Labs uses specialized techniques and methods for confirming the composition and abundance of the microbial flora in probiotics which include DNA sequencing, metagenomics and whole-genome sequencing.

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