Analysis of Environmental Health

Thanks to the efforts of specialized chemists, biologists, and biotechnologists, the Environmental Hygiene and Impact Chemical and Microbiological Analysis department assists customers in the management of regulatory compliance by comparing current regulations with the parameters of wastewater, drinking water, soils, industrial waste, and emissions. Daily samples from both indoor and outdoor areas are also gathered by our team.

CMDC Labs offers the following analyses of environmental hygiene:

  • Chemical and microbiological testing of drinking water; Chemical and microbiological testing of wastewater.
  • Problem-solving consulting for chemical and microbiological controls in private and public swimming pools.
  • Analysis and classification of industrial waste, including migration tests on inert, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste in accordance with current laws; Analysis and characterisation of asbestos and airborne mineral fibers in industrial and residential contexts.
  • Characterization of atmospheric emissions.
  • Environmental sampling both inside and outside.
  • Identification and quantification of Legionella in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 11731-2 standard; Environmental evaluation of microbiological contamination on surfaces in manufacturing facilities, machinery, and laboratories.

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