Efficacy Research

In full accordance with current standards, CMDC Labs performs efficacy testing on medical devices, raw materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, OTCs, and other consumer products.
Efficacy studies support a product’s claims after its safety has been established.
In-vitro efficacy testing are carried out on selected cell lines and in-vitro recreated human tissue by the Cell Biology and Toxicology Laboratory at CMDC Labs.
CMDC Labs creates experimental methods that are specialized to customers’ requirements for any kind of product that claims to have diverse features.

CMDC Labs offers in-vitro efficacy testing for:

  • Testing skin cells for antioxidant and antiradical activity (ROS analysis);
  • Direct testing of antioxidant activity;

Anti-inflammatory activity testing: on skin cells and in-vitro reconstructed epithelia of various origins; Skin anti-ageing and re-densifying activity testing: mitogenic activity, stimulation of protein synthesis, stimulation of the protein synthesis by extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibronectin, etc.);

  • Analyzing the pro-inflammatory potential of cytokines and growth factors (GM-CSF, TNF-, IL-1, IL-1, IL-8);
  • Testing for cell proliferation using skin cells;
  • Skin barrier testing on skin that has had reconstructed;
  • Testing the keratolytic effect on skin that has been rebuilt;
  • Immune response modulation testing: by analyzing particular mediators (such as histamine, IL-1, and TNF-) for anti-itch action, suppression of sensitization, and immunostimulant activity; • Wound healing activity testing: on endothelial cells and keratinocytes/fibroblasts;

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