Scientific Writing

Launch Your Product More Swiftly with Clear Scientific Writing and Support

We transform data directly into publication-ready white papers and FDA-submittable scientific writing to support medical device launches and eliminate time lost getting to market. Our team has completed extensive scientific writing for varied uses in multiple areas and is all too familiar with the demands of scientific journals and the FDA.

Our scientific writing and additional support differentiate us from the status quo. The majority of laboratories will solely conduct your testing, leaving you with potentially murky data and results that can be difficult to parse. What’s more, they rarely offer support with technical writing. This presents a challenge for organizations lacking the time, bandwidth or expertise required for things like submissions to publications or government bodies like the EPA and FDA.

We at CMDC Labs solve these issues with the help of our experienced team. Once our prompt and precise testing is complete, we can support you in data analysis and any related writing, ensuring that you are getting the most from the testing process and are equipped with the knowledge you need for a successful launch. We are also familiar with the ins and outs of scientific writing for this industry as a whole, which enables us to swiftly and accurately provide what you need.

Our Difference

• We concisely and simply capture the performance of the device’s surface, moving it more swiftly to market.
• Apart from premium writing services, we also offer consulting support to help with data interpretation as well as project
• In assisting clients to organize, plan and control each project, we help identify problems early in development and maximize
assurance and confidence of project success.
• Our personnel support is ideal for medical device companies with insufficient internal resources or surface technical expertise.
• Personnel support includes literature search, analysis and data presentation in a format that can be used to promote a project
internally or for regulatory submission.

We support clients beyond testing with exemplary scientific writing at every step of the process. If you wish to learn more about
making the unknown known with our professional scientific writing support, contact us today.

Immune Response

Mammalian Cells

Antimicrobial Testing

You Will Start with the Right Testing to Accelerate the Whole Process

We do the right testing from the start to then generate the right data to provide an experience-based perspective on how to effectively use that data. Few organizations have been more innovative and integrative than ours in the realms of bioactive surface testing, antimicrobial surface testing and immune response testing.

Contact us today for expedited timelines, reduced
costs and expert support from research to rollout.

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