Why Choose CMDC Labs?

Why Choose CMDC Labs?

Bringing a medical device to market is a challenging process that requires a high degree of precision. Every step of the process demands unflinching attention to detail, from R&D and testing to data analysis and promotion. As manufacturers maneuver this proverbial tightrope, even the slightest misstep can inhibit a successful outcome. The unfortunate reality of other labs is that their limitations can often delay a successful launch or inhibit R&D.

We at CMDC Labs provide a solution to the challenges of traditional lab testing. Below are some of the many advantages of selecting a solution like ours.

Expedited Timelines

Many labs are limited in the number of clients they can serve at any given time, whether due to insufficient funding, staffing, equipment, timeline issues or a combination thereof. This can quickly lead to bottlenecking, leaving your project trapped in a queue of many. Even then, delays can still be frequent. When you work with a resource like CMDC Labs, you gain access to a large privately funded team with the skills and resources to effectively manage multiple projects and expedite timelines for each client.

Reduced Cost

At CMDC Labs, we are not beholden to the high overhead costs that are typically passed on to clients by other labs. Eliminating this additional cost allows clients to retain greater portions of their budgets while helping us pursue our goal of elevating the medical device industry without the financial pressure faced by publicly-funded labs. This means that we can design our pricing with the client’s interest in mind. What’s more, our expertise and proven processes significantly reduce time to market, providing you with additional savings and positioning you to start generating revenue more quickly.

Diverse Expertise

Our team is proficient in multiple disciplines, meaning that we can adeptly serve a wide range of clientele in varied areas of medical technology. This team is comprised of seasoned professionals with real industry experience. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency of our testing processes. Some labs apply boilerplate testing processes to all projects which can lead to murky or unreliable data. We, however, can confidently apply the right testing processes to every project to ensure reliable and easily understood results. We also possess extensive experience in medical device research and manufacturing. As such, we are familiar with common challenges and pain points with which others may be unfamiliar.

Additional Support

When you work with us, not only do you gain access to prompt and accurate testing, but also publication-ready and FDA-submittable scientific writing. At CMDC Labs, we are not simply a testing facility; we truly want every client project to succeed to the highest possible degree. To this end, our expert team is equipped to provide additional support in scientific writing, whether you are submitting information to the FDA, getting published in a scientific journal, updating stakeholders or require assistance in any number of other areas. Our scientific writing expertise is also an excellent resource for companies with insufficient internal resources or surface technical expertise.

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